Mr. X Acne Says...You Can Cure Your Acne Review


Mr. X Acne Says...You Can Cure Your Acne Review

Acne dilemma is often experienced more by female society as compared to men. Since women are most likely to experience hormonal changes, they are often the target of acne breakout. From adolescent period to adulthood, hormonal change is considered as part of their life hence they are more prone to acne breakout.Even female celebrities are not exempted from having pimple, their knowledge to hide pimples makes them look flawless in TV and Magazines. In most stages of a woman's life, changes in hormones may happen resulting in acne as side effect.

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Acne starts to appear when change in hormones happens as a woman steps on her adolescent period. Androgens are present in both male and female and hormonal level starts to increase as they enter in the adolescent stage. Oil ducts will function faster once it was triggered by high level of androgens. Acne may start to form due to clogged pores because of overproduction of skin's natural oil. Overproduction of oil can be triggered by high level of Androgens. Harsh environment factors like bacteria which usually came from pollutants is all it needs to trigger the growth of nasty viruses. Once it happens, acne dilemma will start.

Women with a regular menstrual cycle, can see and feel some signs that their menstruation is about to come. Change in hormone can cause a woman's breast to become tender and mood swings, having visible acne is also an evidence. Menstrual period is just the same of adolescent period where there is increase in androgens but some women are fortunate enough not to undergo the same dilemma all over again. Even during hormonal changes, oral contaceptives is said to be helpful to prevent acne. This should not be an option for pregnant women.

Hormonal change and acne breakouts are most likely to happen to women during her nine months pregnancy period. Others say that this is a sign of bearing a baby boy since the androgen level in her body is fast increasing. Even these events are unavoidable; acne can be prevented and cured in different ways, less the raging hormones.